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Program Benefits

  • Great opportunity to learn the fundamentals of proper athletic movements through customized drills and exercises from a Former Professional NFL &CFL  2 TIME ALL-STAR Football Player
  • Enhances participants  body strength, power, speed , agility and quickness
  • Improves bio- mechanics and daily bodily functions
  • Redirects of  the life of the  participants so that they can be more productive citizens, students and athlete’
  • Improves  participants academic achievement and enthusiasm for learning
  • Reduces numbers of disciplinary actions by at least 20% among the participants
  • Opportunities for 100% of  participants to become bigger, faster and smarter leaders in their sport of choice


*Skills Specific Training for All Positions*
QBs,WRs, & RBs Training
LBs,DBs, OL & DL Training
Small Groups (5-15)
1 on 1 Individual
Stimulated Practice/Game Setting
2 hr sessions
Statewide Competition

2 HR Session Breakdown

15-20 mins Dynamic Warmup
15-20 mins Football Circuit
60 mins Position Specific Training
  • Speed & Agility Drills
  • Running & Throwing Mechanics
  • Acceleration/Deceleration Drills
  • Rollouts & Drops
  • Form, Stance & Route Running
  • Identifying Coverage
20 mins Core Stabilization & Stretch